9.11.3 | CMS Connected - Beta Update

The following bugs were fixed in version 9.11.3.

  1. After Processing submissions, the matched record does not show up in the Matched Record box. Canceling the wizard and restarting it, will cause the matched record(s) to be displayed properly.
  2. Clicking the Finish button doesn't seem to be doing anything at all (it does do some validating). Only clicking it a second time does it complete the import.
  3. New Phone Number and email addresses are imported without the Phone Type and Email Type field.

The following improvements were made in version 9.11.3

  1. New Phone Numbers are imported with formatting when 10 digit number is submitted.
  2. New option in the import wizard on how to handle a phone number or email address that does not match an existing record, and the Phone Type and/or Email Type already exists.
    A simple example: the submissions has a Home Phone Number that is different than the number for the Home Phone type that is in the database.
    In the final step of the import wizard, there is an option where you can chose to overwrite the existing number/email, or to ignore the new submissions.
  3. New step in the Import Wizard gives you the option to manually update the CMS record field by field (First Name, City, etc.), record by record, when looking at the online submission. This is in addition to the Update Match button that existed previously where the entire CMS record gets updated based on the form submission.
    Both of these options (Update Match, and manual updating of fields only apply when the submission is matched to an existing CMS Record. If it a new Contact, all details of the submission will be added to the database when the wizard completes.

For details about CMS Connected in general, please see http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a643/cms-connected.aspx