9.12.21 | CMS Connected - Beta Update

The following bugs were fixed and improvements were made:
  1. Updating of Matched record does not update the phone or email field. This is now done in the last step of the wizard. You have an option whether the submitted phone and email should overwrite the phone/email that is currently in the database.
  2. When clicking the Update Matched Record button, you are now prompted to confirm this non-reversible update.
  3. When a new phone number or new email address is submitted the error that occurs when importing the data has been corrected.
  4. If the batch credit cards window is open during the import process, it is refreshed to reflect the newly imported pending charges.
  5. You can now manually edit the submitted information before it is imported into CMS. Editing this information at this phase, makes corrections easier (instead of having to locate the submission later and remembering the correction...)

Your continued feedback is very much appreciated.

For details about CMS Connected in general, please see http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a643/cms-connected.aspx