10.10.31 New | Send Text Messages

Easily generate Text Messages
  1. Setup Providers
    • A list of popular providers, such as Verison, Spirt, Att, etc., are prefilled. 
    • To access the Provider setup page, select any phone number, click the Details button, then click the "..." button next to the Providers drop-down.
  2. Associate Phone Numbers with Providers
    • For each phone number that you want to be able to send Text, click the Text check box. This opens up the Phone Details screen where you can select the provider for that phone number.
    • You can also click the Phone Details button and choose a Provider for the phone number. Not checking the Text check box however, will exclude that phone number from Text Messages.
  3. Generate Text Messages
    • Click Reports > Contacts.
    • Choose Text from the Output drop-down.
    • Select which phone types to Text to, and other criteria (Programs, etc.) and click OK.

This new feature has been implemented in version 10.10.31.