11.1.21 Improvement | QuickBooks Account Numbers

In the initial release of QuickBooks integration, all Accounts (Bank and Income) needed to have Account Numbers or an error would occur when loading the accounts.

This requirement is no longer necessary.

Improvement implemented in version 11.1.21.

For more details on QuickBooks integration, see http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a655/quickbooks-integration.aspx

If you are using a version prior to 11.1.21, read on for details on how to use Account Numbers in QuickBooks.
In QuickBooks, click Edit > Preferences > Accounts > Company Preferences tab, and check the Use Account Numbers check box.
Then, for each Account, make sure to enter an Account Number.

This needs to be done for Bank Accounts and for Income Accounts.
(Note: For Bank Accounts, the Account Number that is required, is not the "Bank Account Number")