11.5.17 New Module - Security Plus

This module gives you the ability to restrict users from viewing some Transactions while allowing them to access other Transactions.
For example: you may want to allow your preschool director full access to bills and payments related to the Preschool, but not to the donations.  

Restricted areas include:
  • Transactions tab on Contact View (payments & bills)
  • List View (Transaction totals columns).
  • Bank Account Register (deposits and expenses)
  • Transaction Reports (all types)
  • Batch Letters (thank-you, pledge, Notice of donation, in kind).
  • Batch Invoices and Statements
  • Credit Card recurring charges and management tools.

Payments are restricted by depositing them into a restricted Bank Account.
Bills are restricted by having a payment applied to them deposited in a restricted Bank Account.

You set up which Users (Groups) have access to which Bank Accounts.

A user with restricted access will simply not see any transactions that are restricted. 
With general security, you are able to create additional logins and restrict various areas (program domains) to secondary users. See http://support.chabadms.com/KB/a397/form-level-security.aspx for details on how this works. 
General Security is limited where you only want to restrict some transactions and allow full access to others.

To add this module to your CMS, please contact tech support at support@chabadms.com or by phone at 626-791-7072.