11.11.15 Improvement | Friendship Circle / Camp modules - Medical Fields

Added medical related fields for users who have the Camp, School or Friendship Circle modules.
Fields include Insurance, Physician, Hospital, Diagnosis, Medications, Allergies and more.

These fields are now available by clicking "Medical Info" when viewing the details of an individual (Family tab). 
  • On the Family tab, select the individual and click Edit.
  • Click Medical Info...
These fields are also available when doing a Contact Report (Type: Family) to export to Excel.
  • On the Contact Report screen, (report tab) choose "Family" from the Report Type drop-down 
  • Choose Export from the Output drop-down (also on the report tab).
  • On the Export fields tab and check off which of the Medical type fields you want exported.

This improvement has been implemented in version 11.11.15