11.12.8 Improvement | Manual option for Labels and Salutation

A new "Manual" option for Labels and Salutation has been implemented. 

In the Address Settings section, choose "Manual" from the Label Type and/or Salutation fields.
Choosing "Manual" will prevent the Label and Salutation fields from being updated automatically for the current address.
To manually update these fields, click Address Details and enter the Labels and Salutations as needed.

This is useful when you want to enter a custom salutation and/or label that should not be updated automatically based on the Names entered in the Contact section. 
For example, a couple "Mr. & Mrs. Yankel and Sara Hertz" would automatically get a salutation "Yankel and Sara" or "Mr. & Mrs. Hertz" (depending if it's Formal or Personal". If you would like the salutation to be "Sara and Yankel" or a nickname, "Jack & Suri", for example, you should choose the Manual option.

This improvement has been implemented in version 11.12.8.