CMS Connected Update Required (version 1.3.05)

A required update to CMS Connected has been released. 

Your current CMS Connected application will no longer be able to connect until you install this update. You must install this update in order to design your website forms and to download submissions.

To install the update, go to and login to the website and click the 'Downloads' link. Then click CMS Connected and follow on-screen instructions.


  • If you don't know your Username and/or Password, click the Forgot Login link above the login section for an instant Login Reminder by email.
  • You do not need to update the main CMS program in order to install this update. In fact, the main CMS Program does not yet contain this update.

New in this version is the ability to manage your CMS Licenses. 
(Google Contacts Integration is visible there but not yet complete.)

If you need any assistance with this, please open a support ticket at or email


Yisroel Pinson 
Chabad Management System