CMS Version 13.x BETA Now Available

We're excited to announce the BETA of the next version of the Chabad Management System: CMS Version 13.x. Over the last few months we've been rigorously testing this new version and have ironed out the issues that came to our attention.

While the overall look and feel of the program remains the same, its architecture has undergone major changes.
There are also many new features and improvements that we hope our users will enjoy. 

As with all releases, we worked closely with our users and while we couldn't incorporate everyone's ideas into this release, we prioritized our users' wants to create a new version of CMS that we think you'll really like. We very much appreciate your feedback.

A list of the changes, improvements and bug fixes are listed in the Beta 13.x section of the Knowledge Base. This list is not complete and we plan on updating this area of the KB regularly with more and more information.

If you would like to try the upcoming version prior to its official release, log into the Support Website and click Downloads. Then scroll down to the CMS BETA section. Please be sure to read all the details and follow instructions.

As a beta tester, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the new features of the program and known issues and what's new. These will be updated regularly throughout the testing process and your should check back often for any updates.

If  you notice any errors or things that do not work, especially if they are preventing you from getting a task done, please call tech support at 626 791-7072 x 2 or send an email to The issue will be addressed as quickly as possible with priority attention.