CMS Version 13.9.3 BETA Now Available

Several minor improvements and bug fixes.

...Plus a very nice new feature added where you can "promote" an individual family member to a main contact record. This is useful for example when a child moves out of his parents' home and you don't want to manually enter all the info again, especially related information such as Adult Education Course enrollments, individual Family Member Programs, Family Flags, Occasions and much more.

Please see the following KB Article for details on this version
Version 13.9.3

If you were using an earlier version of the BETA, please install this update ASAP. The update is available on the Download/BETA section of the Support Website.

If you would like to join the BETA, please log into the Support Website and click Downloads. Then scroll down to the CMS BETA section. Please be sure to read all the details and follow instructions.

Your continued feedback is very much appreciated.

Good Yom Tov and a Ksiva Vachasima Tova!