CMS Version 13.10.2 BETA Now Available

  • Bug Fix: Create Primary works as expected
  • Bug Fix: Deleting a contact number/email now correctly adjusts the Count and IsPrimary fields of the remaining contact numbers of the same type.
  • New: Custom Occasion reporting based on original date of the occasion (not next occurrence).
    When setting up a custom occasion type (Program Setup > Custom List Setup > Occasions), you can choose "Once" from the Celebrated field. This will cause the reports to default to Original Occasion Date.
    This is useful for generating reports for occasions that happen just once (not annually), such as Bar Mitzvah, which isn't necessarily the same as the birthrate.
    When making a report based on this occasion type, it will use the original date of the Occasion and not when that date occurs each year, as with a Birthday or Yahrtzeit occasion type).