CMS Version 13.10.13 BETA Now Available

New: Google Contacts Integration.
This version of CMS debuts the Google Contacts integration.

Here are some of it's features:
  • Instant, silent and automatic updates to your Google Contacts as changes are being made to data in CMS.
  • Support for multiple CMS user logins. Each CMS user can synchronize to his or her own Google Contacts.
  • Full control of which CMS contacts should be synchronized. This can be done based on Programs or by manually selecting names.
  • Synchronize all your Google Contacts, or just those in a Contact Group (recommended).
  • Security: Google password is encrypted with hi level encryption for security.
  • Security: Communication with Google's servers are done using SSL (https).
To set up your Google Synchronization:
  1. Activate this module:
    Click Program Setup > Options > Custom tab, and check the Google Contacts Integration check box.
  2. If you don't have a Login to CMS, you must first setup Security. See this KB article on setting up Security.
  3. Click Program Setup > Users/Groups Permissions
    • Assign Read and Write Permission for "Google Integration" to your Group.
    • Edit your User, click Google Account and enter your Google Credentials. In this Google Account screen, you'll also indicate other settings such as Choosing a  Google Group and Choosing which contacts in CMS should be synced.

Also in this version:
  • Bug Fix: Importing Online Reservations causes an "object" error preventing the reservations from being imported.
  • Bug Fix: Importing Camper Enrollments now correctly imports all contact numbers and email addresses.