CMS Version 13.10.28 BETA Now Available

List of tweaks in Google Contact integration. All this happens silently and without any user intervention.
  • Editing a contact number from the Contact tab (contact view) by double-clicking now triggers a Google Update.
  • Editing a contact number and modifying whose number it is, will update both the original Google Contact (whose number it was) and the new Google Contact (whose number it now is).
  • Changes to a Shared Home phone now update all Google Contacts in the family (as it is with Addresses).
  • Create Google Group now works as expected (fixed error "invalid credential").
  • Test Connection works even if no contacts exist in Google. 
  • Clicking any button in Sync Settings saves login info (no need to click OK first).
  • CMS no longer crashes (due to outdated GoogleIntegration.dll).
  • Google Passsword encryption and decryption corrected.
  • Changing to a different Google account will display warning and if confirmed, will reset all the synchronized contacts.
  • Attempting to update a Google contact that has been deleted in Google will instead create a new Google contact (and won't cause an error).
  • With multiple CMS users: Restricted access to adding or removing contacts to/from a different user's Google account (via the User Setup window). You now must be logged in to CMS with that user account in order to add/remove contacts. 
    Once a contact is synced with a Google account, changes made by any CMS user to that contact will update that person's Google Contact.
  • Access to the Google Settings are now available in these locations:
    • Task > Google Contacts
    • Program Setup > Options > Custom tab
    • Program Setup > Users/Group Permissions > Edit User
  • Limitation: If you have more than 25 Google Groups, only the first 25 will come up in the drop-down in your Google Contacts Sync Settings.
  • Adding a new family member and giving that member a shared home phone will now correctly update all family members who are synced to get that home phone.
  • When selecting Contacts to Sync, Limit to Primary is available when viewing 'All Synced' and 'All Not Synced' (not just when limiting to a Program.
  • Selecting Contacts to Sync: The list now shows the Address and Contact Numbers in addition to the names.
  • Added status bar (bottom of Contact Window) which alerts you whenever any communication with Google is taking place.

Other Bug Fixes
  • Importing Reservations online submissions now correctly formats the phone number (previously it formatted it as currency).
  • Occasion report with phone number now correctly has the dividing lines displayed to clearly separate between rows.
  • Removed the small vertical line that comes up the built-in yahrtzeit and birthday letters (between the date and first line of the letter).