CMS Version 13.11.5 Beta - Misc Improvements and Fixes

Misc Improvements and Fixes
  • When importing Camper or Student Enrollments (CMS CONNECTED Forms), camper/student note is now imported as expected.
  • Improvement: Added Gender filter on Contact Report > Family tab.
  • Bug Fix: Contact report. Limiting or excluding multiple programs by 'And' now works as expected (previously, it acted as if 'Or' was selected even when choosing 'And')
  • Improvement: Occasion report now include Phones when exporting/word merges.
  • Improvement: Contact Report based on Friendship Circle Volunteers or Special Child.
Google Contacts
  • Changing Google UserName now resets all google settings (last sync time, google groups and google contact links - it does not delete data in the google account.
  • Google Username now requires a full email address.