CMS Version 13.11.11 Beta - CMS Contacts now update automatically from your Phone

When you install version 13.11.11 it includes an updated version of CMS CONNECTED which handles the changes to Google Contacts that were already synced and can silently update the CMS Program.

Double-click CMS CONNECTED and login. CMS CONNECTED will run as a process hidden in the System Tray (area next to the Windows Clock). Currently it is set to check for Contact changes every 2 minutes. You can force it to check for changes at any time by clicking on it and choosing "Get Google Contact Updates".

Presently, only changes made to contacts that originated from CMS are being handled. Below are some pointers on this feature:
  • When logging in to CMS CONNECTED, it will verify that the Active CMS Data File is being used. It it detects that the file may not be the correct one, you will be alerted to this and Google Contact Integration will be disabled.
  • When multiple computers on a network are using CMS, only a single computer's CMS CONNECTED can be designated to run this update. Even on a single computer setup, you need to designate your computer as being the one who gets Google updates. In CMS, click Tasks > (Google Integration) Contacts and check the 'Designate this computer to get updates from Google' check box.
  • Updates to the CMS Data will occur even if the CMS Program is not running. As long as CMS CONNECTED is running it will update the CMS Data.
  • Updates will happen for all CMS User Logins if more than one login is set up. In this scenario, in the unlikely event that two users edited the same synced CMS Family Member in different Google Accounts, only one of their changes will get updated in CMS.
  • You can see a list of contact that were updated by CMS CONNECTED. Click Tasks > Contacts and click the View History button. You can view updates over different date ranges (last 7 days, last 30 days etc.). We plan to further enhance this area to provide for undoing updates that were undesired.
  • When a CMS contact is silently updated, if that contact is also synced to a different Google Account, the updates that were made will be pushed to the other Google account(s) as well. In effect what is happening is the the CMS Program can keep otherwise unrelated Google contacts in Sync. (not yet implemented in version 13.11.11).