CMS Version 13.11.29 Beta | Cloud Contacts - New Contacts + Logs and Rollbacks

This new version of CMS adds two important components to the Google Contacts Integration.
  1. New Contacts Added to Google.
    Contacts that are added to Google that are not in CMS now be matched up to existing contacts in your database, or automatically create new contacts.

    There are many details to this so be sure to review the this KB article on how it works.

  2. Log History of Changes and Rollbacks
    Because of the sensitivity of the data in your CMS program, a detailed automatic logging and history of changes has been implemented with the ability to rollback any change with a single click.

    Details on how this works can be found in this KB article.
In addition, the following improvements and tweaks have been implemented.
  • Support for Read only (one way sync). Setting a one way integration will allow a CMS User to have their Google Contacts updated automatically, but will prevent any changes done in their Google Contacts to be updated to CMS.
    To set up Read Only access to Google Integration, edit the Permissions of the Group that a User is in (Program Setup > Users/Groups) and uncheck the "Write" check box for Google Integration. 

  • CMS CONNECTED will now update contacts for multiple user logins when a change is detected in a single login. For example, say there are two users in CMS, if user A changes a contact in their Google account (on their phone), the change will appear in CMS and cascade update to User B's Google Contact.

  • In addition, all changes make to shared information (Home Number or Address) will update all other Google Contacts in that Family for all User Logins. For example, if there are two Contacts in the same family who share a home phone number and default address, changes made to one Contacts on your phone will cascade the change to the other contact as well. (This assumes that both Contacts are in the same Family in CMS.)

  • Bug Fix: Updates made by users who are not using Google Integration, (or who are using it but made a change to a contact that is not designated to their Google account) will now correct update other Google accounts for this contact.

  • When selecting Contacts to be added to Google (Tasks > Contacts > Select Contacts), you can now choose contacts based on when they were added to CMS (last 7 days, 30 days, etc.)