CMS Version 13.12.18 Beta | Bug fix for multiple contact numbers

To install this update, login to and click Downloads.

This update fixes a bug in Google Contacts integration. In certain scenarios, the Google contact which is created would have the incorrect phone number or email.
To correct this, please install this update and re-create any Google contacts that were auto-created by CMS.

After installing this update you should start the Google Integration anew to ensure that the Google Contacts were created properly.
To do this, please follow these steps:
  1. Click Tasks > Contacts and click Select Contacts.
  2. When viewing All Synced, click Uncheck All.
  3. Click Update Google.
This process will delete any Google Contacts that were created by CMS.

Note: This process can take several minutes. After the process is complete. Exit the Select Contacts screen and reopen it to ensure that the All Synced view does not list any Contacts. If necessary, repeat until the list is empty.

You need to do this even if you already did this in installing the previous version 13.12.18.

After all the Google contacts that CMS created are removed, you can then recreate them as you did when first starting with the integration.

We apologize for the inconvenience.