14.1.28 Bug Fix | Print Preview Menu remains after closing Report

Bug Description:
After closing a report, the Print Preview menu remains visible. There is no access to the Home, Tasks, Report or Program Setup menus.

This issue has come up recently in all versions of CMS 2010 and later which use the Office Ribbon, and is not related to something specific in the CMS Application.
Apparently, this bug is due to some change in Office and will be corrected in a future Microsoft Update.

Workaround: Short of restarting the program, you can get the standard menu back by opening up any other window, such as the Edit Transaction or Edit Family Member (and then clicking Cancel).

We have implemented a crude workaround for this issue, by programmatically opening and closing the Program Setup window whenever a report is closed. This fix which will be part of version 14.1.28.