14.2.23 MailChimp Integration and minor improvements and bug fixes

MailChimp Integration
After numerous request from our users for this feature, we are excited to announce MailChimp integration for sending emails.
Please see this KB Article on how to setup and use the MailChimp integration.

Google Contact Integration - New Action: Permanently Ignore.
When getting updates from Google, at times the update no longer makes sense and needs to be ignored. To handle such as scenario, a new type of Action has been implemented called "Permanently Ignore". Choosing this Action will delete the pending change.
See this KB Article for details on getting updates from Google.

Other Minor Fixes in version 14.2.23
  • Clicking Letter or Receipt for a Payment Transaction was causing an error.
  • Quick Programs Setup:  Add/Remove buttons, as well as Up/Down buttons, at times were not working  as expected and were disabled for no apparent reason.
  • In the Contact View windows, the last 2 Quick Programs in the list (19, 20) didn't work at all.