New CMS Version 14.9.15

This new release of CMS fixes several bugs and enhances security as listed below.
If any of these affect you, you should install this version ASAP.
  • Version 14.9.1: Fixed: Date fields in merges appear in US format regardless of the regional settings on the computer. If you are in France or other countries and were having trouble with the Date merge field coming up in US format (mm/dd/yyyy), then this fix is for you!
  • Version 14.9.3: Fixed: When making a contact report based on gender (men only) the home shared phone is not included. 
  • Version 14.9.9 Added two new security Domains for CMS Reminders and General Reminders.
Security Plus*
  • Version 14.9.9: Fixed: "Google Contact Integration, when using Security Plus, all contacts are showing even for restricted users.
  • Version 14.9.15 Fixed Security Plus bug where Custom fields where not editable under limited permissions.
* The Security Plus module enables user restrictions on contacts and transactions based on organizations. If you are interested in this module, please contact tech support.