CMS Version 14.10.23 | CMS CONNECTED 2.0

This version comes with a completely new CMS CONNECTED Form Designer 2.0. The new features it offers truly take the form design and flexibility to a new level.
We have worked hard on implementing these features and we appreciate the feedback of so many of you in this area.

Documentation on the new CMS CONNECTED Form Designer is being presently being compiled. Here are the new KB Articles that cover some of the details. Please check back to the CMS CONNECTED 2.0 section of the Knowledge Base for the latest information.
Here are some of the highlights:
  • Forms are now rendered in a beautiful crisp and modern look using the latest technologies in CSS. Here are couple of samples: Donate Form SampleReservation Form Sample
  • Pre-submit Confirmation Page (optional).
  • Customized confirmation email sent to donor (optional).
  • Completely revised Form Designer in CMS CONNECTED.
Here is a list of limitations that existed in the previous version and what changed in the current version:
  • Hiding Fields
    In the previous version, making fields not visible left dead space between fields and it looked odd when hiding many fields. there were uneven gaps etc. The current version's simple rendering of the form in real time makes the fields you choose show up nice and neat.

  • Field Order
    In the previous version there was no way to order your fields. It was take it or leave it. No longer the case. You can order your fields around as you please.

  • Field Sets (grouping of fields)
    In the previous version these field sets (groups) were set in stone. New version allows you to create as many or as few field sets as needed and name as you see fit. You can place your field in these groups as well. Completely custom.

  • Free Events
    In the old version, the event form required payment. If you had a free event, you had to make the form work in an extremely odd way, or not use the form at all. Introducing totally free events with the reservation form. 

  • Guest Names
    In the older version you had to enter guest names, as well as the type of guest. For a simple event where all you wanted is to know how many are coming, you were out of luck. Now you can set up the form to work either way.

  • Reservation Wizard
    The reservation form now breaks up the event reservation process into logical steps that you can define (using Field Sets). Previously, having so much information on a single page may have caused a person to become overwhelmed.

  • Reservation Optional Donation
    Previously, the optional donation amount had to be displayed on the reservation form or the form would not submit. No longer the case, you choose which fields to display and you don't have to offer the option of making a donation when reserving for an event.

  • Optional Donation details
    If you do choose to offer the optional donation field, you have even more features at your disposal. You can include a "Purpose" drop-down as well as Amount options (which in the past only existed for a Donate type form). 

  • Credit Card Processing is NOT required
    Because we now support a free event reservation type form (see above), all CMS users can now use this type of form regardless if they have the Credit Card Integration Module.

  • Edit Credit Card Gateway Info
    While in the past this had to be done with Customer Service, you now have the flexibility to do this on your own. Have a new Transaction Key, no worries and no wait. Of course, if you need help, we are (almost) always there...

  • Embed Code Simplified
    No more messing around with the HTML of the code to embed. Height and Width are now part of the preview and can be easily saved and adjusted.
We hope that you appreciate this roll out and we welcome your continued feedback.

Also in this version, some minor bugs and improvements were implemented.
  • 14.9.17: Fixed bug where batch Thank-you letters ignored the Limit to complete mailing address.
  • 14.10.1: Improvement to Security + Module.
    New Contacts being entered are only added to the Organizations that a user selects. (Previously, the new contact was added to all organizations that the user has access to.)