Recent Updates - Various Fixes and Improvements

1/1/2015: Reservation Form: Donation Text now shows correctly above the donation fields.
If you have been using the new Reservation form (version 2.0), you should know that the Donation Text field (which you can configure to display customized text about making a donation) will now appear correctly right above the Donation field.
You do not have to update anything on your end for this fix. If you have been using the Donation Text field, the change is automatically applied to your form.

1/5/2015: Change to the way Letters are marked as 'Sent'. See

1/11/2015: Fix: Combine Multiple Payments/ Year End letters not excluding subcategories when payment is split.
Prior to the fix, when limiting to Category or Subcategory
  • If the payment was split, the split portion of the category not selected was still showing in the Merge (MultiLine field).
  • If the payment was not split, it would be excluded.
Install this update (15.1.11) in order to correct this issue so that in all cases only the selected category/subcategory will show.

Note: This fix only applies to the "Combine Multiple Payments /Year End" option when doing batch letters.
When doing regular thank-you letters, however, use the Goods Received amount field to indicate the amount that should not be receipted in addition splitting the payment.