Mark as 'Sent' options

Mark as Sent Options (CMS Version 15.1.5)
Based on user feedback, we have implemented an option for how the batch of letters get automatically marked as 'Sent' or whether this happens altogether. To benefit from these options, make sure you are using CMS Version 15.1.5 or later).

To access this option, click Program Setup > Options > Letters/Receipts tab. There are 4 options for the new Mark Sent feature.
  1. None
    Choosing this option will not mark as 'Sent' at all. You won't even be reminded.
    You can mark a batch as 'Sent' at any time by choosing "Mark as 'Sent'" from the Output, selecting your batch, and clicking 
  2. Remind
    After generating a batch, a message will pop up and remind you not to forget to mark as 'Sent'. This option is the default.
    Your batch will not be automatically marked as 'Sent'.
    As with 'None', you need to manually mark the batch as 'Sent'.
  3. Prompt
    After generating a batch, you will be promoted to mark the batch as 'Sent'. Choosing Yes will automatically mark the batch as 'Sent'.
    You will not have to manually mark the batch as 'Sent' as with the first two options.
  4. Auto
    After generating a batch, it is automatically marked as 'Sent' without a prompt.