CMS Version 15.4.19 Released

CMS announces the release of CMS, which is available as a minor version upgrade to all CMS users with a current subscription.

New in the version

15.1: Bug Fix: When entering Event Reservations in batches, the Attendee Type was not being entered. This has been corrected.

15.2: Bug Fix: Auto-calculation of salutation for addresses now correctly calculates both His and Her salutations.

15.4: New Feature: 


We are excited to announce a new partner in providing NCOA (National Change of Address) service. Please see our detailed KB Article about this feature.
  • Before generating a mailing, be sure to get the latest updates from the USPS Move database. Doing so can save you quite a bit of postage on Address Returns.
  • TEC Mailing prices are not connected to a yearly subscription but are as low are $50 for a mailing list (up to 100,000 addresses). 
  • The service is totally self serve (they provide support if needed) where you can create your account and update your database at 3am, if you so desire.
Improvement: Online Form Submissions can now be downloaded directly in the main CMS application, CMS Connected not needed.
Bug Fix: Security Plus / Google Integration. Fixed issue where an Admin was not able to access all contacts in the Google Select Contacts window.

See our updated KB Article here which describe the Online Donation in detail. The same concept applies for Reservation and Camper Enrollments as well.

Bug Fix: Saving a Transaction report "Date Due Range" now works for Custom Dates, as expected.

Bug Fix: Reporting: On many reports, if the Output was Live Report and no data was returned, CMS would crash. This issue has has now been corrected.

Bug Fix: Camp Module: Batch Application Word Merge would cause an error "Enter Parameter Value" tblSclApplication.YearID. 

New Feature: Auto-renewals. When renewing your subscription online, you no longer need to click the Renew button in the Computer License Manager (CMS CONNECTED). A simple restart of the program will update your subscription date on your computer.