Update Details

We are please to announce the release of the latest version, which is available as a minor upgrade to all CMS users with a current subscription.

To download this version, please login to http://support.chabadms.com/ and click Downloads.

New in this version
  • 15.5.5: Delete Google Contact now works as expected. We previously nothing would happen.
    Please see details on this feature in general, in this KB Article.

  • 15.5.6: Payments/Bills filtered by Date Due produced inconsistent results with regards to payments being displayed. This has been changed so that Date Due filtering will not affect payments at all. To filter payments, use the Date range (not Date Due range). Or a far better option would be the Bills Summary Report.

  • 15.5.6: Resetting Google integration now clears Log and Cache. If you need to reset the Google Integration in your system, removing any pending contacts downloaded, removing or changing your email address in the Google Credentials setup does just that. Note: It will not delete any contacts in your google account. If you would like to have all CMS Contacts that were uploaded from CMS to your Google Account deleted from Google, you should first "un-sync" those contacts, then remove your email address.

  • 15.5.11: Bills Summary Report. This report has been nicely improved with several key enhancements.
    • You can filter by Date Due. This allows you to use the report to show you only the balance due as of today, or any date you select.
    • When phone numbers / emails are now displayed correctly on the report.
    • Show Transaction Details: This gives you the ability to show, for each bill, the detailed transaction list in addition to the Totals (Bills, Paid and Due). To get this on the report, click the "Show Transaction Details" check box.
    • TEC Mailing Integration. When creating an account you no longer requires username/password and conveniently auto fills your contact information.
      See this KB Article for more details on this module