New CMS Version 15.5.31 -- Available for download

To install this version, please login to the support website, click Downloads and follow instructions.

Changes implemented in May 2015

  • Restored Functionality -- Google Contact Integration
    CMS is now compatible with the new specification for authorizing access to your Google Contacts (
    OAuth2). We have worked really hard over the course of this week (from when the integration was interrupted) and are happy to announce that this feature has now been restored, and with an even higher level of security. If you were using Google Contacts Integration, this update is a must in order to continue with the integration. It simply will not continue to work on the old authorization standard which has been deprecated by Google. Should you come across any issues with the new implementation, please let us know.

    See this KB Article for details.
  • New -- Create Primary
    The "Create Primary" function now works for primary contacts as well. Where in the past this function only worked for non-primary family members to elevate them to become an independent contact record, now it can also be used for primary contacts -- to separate one primary contact from the other. Useful for divorces and separations.

    See this KB Article for details.

  • Change/Improvement -- Relationships
    Where in the past, relationships was between families, it now relates individual family members one to another. Accordingly, the Relationship tab has been moved to the Individual Family Member. You can access this tab when editing a Family Member record.
    See this KB Article for details.

  • Enhancement -- Family Member Edit window
    The user interface of the Family Member Edit window gets a face lift by separating the information onto various tabs. There are 2 tabs available for all users: General and Relationships. Those who have the Friendship Circle, Camp or School modules have an additional 2 tabs: Additional Info and Flags.

  • Change/Improvement -- Yahrtzeit Tracking
    You now can have multiple contacts commemorating a single yahrzeit without having to enter the deceased info multiple times. The mechanism behind this is the Relationships. Simply relating various contacts to the deceased record and indicating that the relationship is for Yahrtzeit purposes, will include those related contacts on the reports and notices (letters etc).

    When running this update, past Yahrtzeit information is automatically converted into the new Yahrtzeit tracking system. However, in some cases, due to incomplete or inaccurate information, some Yahrtzeit records will not be converted. After running this update, to export a list of the incomplete/inaccurate info, click Tasks > Maintenance > 'Bad' Yahrtzeits. You can then manually enter this information. 

    this KB Article for details.