New Version 15.7.8 Available for download

To update to this latest version, please login to, login then click Downloads...

Here is a short listing of the changes recently implemented (since 15.6).
  • 15.6.1: Corrected issue Family Member Programs produces error "can't fine form frmFamilyPrograms"
  • 15.6.2: Action buttons (Connect, Google, Delete) not visible when viewing details of a Family Member.
  • 15.6.4: Generating contact report (Main Contact Record) displays multiple records when limiting to Age of individual.
  • 15.6.4: Minor glitch in updating relationships (version 15.5.31) corrected.
  • 15.6.9: Online Camper Enrollments. Updating an existing Credit Card now works as expected.
  • 15.6.12: Restored ability to View and Edit Yahrtzeit information on the Occasions tab.
  • 15.6.16: All Flags/Checked flags (Flags tab on Family Member) now works as expected.
  • 15.6.24: History Reminders with blank Subjects now properly show up in the Reminders window.
  • 15.7.3: Fixed issue with Security+ when generating a Payment/Bill report (Syntax Error in From Clause).
  • 15.7.7: Fixed error, where (in rear cases) rolling back a Google Update caused "NameCompany cannot contain a zero-length string"
  • 15.7.7: New field for Yahrtzeit in the Bill Details. Required for new Calendar Add-on.
  • 15.7.8: New Calendar Add-on compatible with this new release. Info on this new add-on can be found here.