New Version 15.8.7 Available for download

To update to this latest version, please login to, login then click Downloads...

Here is a short listing of the changes recently implemented (since 15.7.8).
  • 15.7.14: Fixed issue where CMS crashes after creating a relationship. In our tests it only happened (on some installations) when using Office 2013.
  • 15.7.15: Implemented the ability to sort a Yarhtzeit report by Hebrew Date and more. This works with the new Yahrtzeit system.
  • 15.7.17: Fixed issue where an error comes up when entering a Reminder for new yahrtzeit being entered.
  • 15.7.22: Update to CC Processing Integration to support the new standards from
  • 15.7.22: TEC Mailing Integration. Fixed bug where creating a payment profile failed when the credit card expires in December (any year).
  • 15.7.23: New: Bills Summary report has option to exclude bills who have associated credit cards. Useful Outstanding Only not to include bills recurring bills.

  • 15.8.7: Fixes issue where TEC Mailing Integration produced "out of memory buffer" error when downloading large files returned during the NCOA process. 
    If you are processing more than several thousand addresses, we recommend that you upgrade to this version or later in order to avoid any complications.