New Version 15.12.27 Available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible.

To update to this latest version, please login to, login then click Downloads...

Here is a short listing of the changes recently implemented (since 15.8.7).
  • 15.8.12: Fixed bug when updating the matched record address of an Online Form Donation (caused error "Item not found in collection").
  • 15.8.14: Deleting a bill that has payment(s) applied now correctly marks those payment details as "unapplied"
  • 15.10.19: Fixed issue where Yarhtzeit button Family tab disappears when Contact  View is maximized.
  • 15.10.25: Google Integration: prevented deletion of even partial records (e.g. deleting a phone number or first name) in google to affect CMS. This applies to the auto-updating of synced records, as well as the manual matching up of new google contacts. Even matches will only add or update information, but will not delete information in CMS.
  • 15.11.13: Adult Education (and Friendship Circle) report Total by Name now works as expected.
  • 15.11.16: Fixed issue where Reservations and Camper/Student Enrollments Submissions marked Ignored (but not marked as "Skip") were being imported. This has been corrected in this version, now, if they are "Ignored" (only) they are also not imported (even is "Skip" is not checked).
  • 15.11.17: Optimized TecMailing Integration where returned data is now uploaded into CMS with minimal memory usage overhead (resolves Out of Memory issue for larger databases).
  • 15.11.25: CMS Cloud Integration (beta). Contacts, Family Members, Addresses, Phones, Emails, Birthdays, Emails. All this is now available to any current user who signs up for CMS Cloud BETA. To sign up, please visit and create a demo account.
  • 15.11.25: BETA support for Access/Office 2016.
  • 15.12.11: Option to display sub-organization address and contact numbers on built-in letterhead (transaction letters and invoices).
  • 15.12.11: Option to ignore sub-organization name (and address/contact numbers) and built-in letterhead (transaction letters and invoices).
  • 15.12.27: Removed limitation of Family Member note field length (50 characters).