New Version 16.2.22 Available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible.

To update to this latest version, please login to
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  • Yahrtzeit List now shows up under any contact who is observing (being notified). A new option "Hide Yarhtzeit Observed By" is available to hide this information in the list. It will also suppress multiple appearances of the same yarhtzeit record if it observed by different members in the same family.
    The Yahrtzeit Tracking KB article has been updated to include details on this.
  • Yahrtzeit report upgrade. Now shows Yahrtzeits even if nobody is on the notify list.
  • History > Emails. Fixes bug when displaying emails from Outlook, only emails entered prior to 2013 were showing up
  • Corrected issue where the Contact Report window would not open at all on some computers (based on specific windows versions and configurations.