New Version 16.4.19 available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible.

To update to this latest version, please login to
 and click Downloads...
  • Birthday reminders now correctly remind you on the upcoming year when set to celebrate on the English date (where in the past, it would remind you a year after the original date, or in some CMS versions a year after the current year).
  • Default Organization is now correctly and automatically entered for bills, as well as transactions created when entering Adult Education / Friendship Circle enrollments.
  • Un-assigning a contact from a Program now works as expected. (This has been partially corrected in version 16.2.9 but not completely.) 
  • Yahrtzeit Reports were showing all relationships regardless if they were flagged for Yahrtzeits.  This now works as expected where only relationships that are flagged for Yarhtzeits show up.
  • Banquet Seating Exports now include primary emails. This is useful for email notifications to guests.
  • Optimized email settings for online form submissions to minimize the likelihood of sent emails ending up in the recipients junk-mail. 
  • Office/Access 2016 is now fully supported. Extensive testing went into this over the last 5 months and all incompatibility issues have been resolved. Should you find any issues, please contact our tech support. 
  • Access 2010 is no longer supported. We have tried to maintain compatibility on both ends of the spectrum for as long as possible. However, with this release, if you are using Access 2010, you will need to upgrade to 2013 or 2016.