New Version 16.10.30 available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible.
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  • For online donations, Note field now imported along with the rest of the submissions. However, only the first 250 characters of the note is imported. As before, you can view the entire submission by logging in to the support website and clicking View Submissions. Viewing data submissions on the support website has been improved so that the entire submission is visible. 
  • Corrected bug where an error would occur in the Contact Report. 
    When Limiting to Job (Associations tab) and also including the Job field in the Export (Export Fields tab), an error occurs:
    "The specified field 'Occupation' could refer to more than one table listed in the FROM clause of your SQL statement."
  • Filtering Contact and List Views now works as expected when choosing to Filter by those WITH or WITHOUT an email address or phone number. Previously the following "Unknown Error" occurred: "Something is not working right. Please try again."
  • Contact Report: When choosing "Individual Family Members" as the Report Type, you can now include "Custom Fields (export fields tab) when Exporting to Excel.
  • CMS Connected Forms | Reservation Type: Prevent a user (with malicious intent, or inadvertent) from entering a negative amount in the Optional Donation field.
  • Entering new records in the Camp/School module now correctly creates the Salutations for the parents.
  • Yahrtzeit Reports: Fixed bug where Exclude Deceased (relatives to notify who are on the deceased list) was not working. Also set the default to not include deceased.
  • Added option for Yahrtzeit reports to be able to choose whether to include those who have nobody on the Notify list or if all those on the list to notify are themselves deceased.
  • History tab can now be secured by restricting access to it for designated groups of user accounts. For details on CMS Security and creating and managing user login accounts, please see this KB Article.
  • Corrected issue where in non-US locals (France for example), that use a "," (comma) as a dollars and cents separator, an error can occur when entering transactions (that have cents), where the amounts aren't calculated correctly.
  • When entering a new Bill, you can now choose which contact it is for within the bill itself (This was already possible for payments). Edits to an existing bill, or if the New Bill is being initiated within the Payment (by clicking Apply Payment > New Bill), this option is not available.
  • Online Forms Notification emails for Donations now have their Reply Email and Reply name set to the person making the donation. This way, when you reply to that email, you will be sending an email to the donor. It is also sent in a nicer looking html format.
  • Camper and Student online enrollment form bug fix: issue occurred after server side validation prevented the form from being submitted. Making changes to the amounts after the validation check caused various errors when attempting to submit it again.
  • Reservation Form now correctly saves the Phone Number submitted.
  • Sending form submission notifications to multiple email addresses now works as expected. Be sure to separate the emails with a comma (,). There should be no spaces.
  • Corrected bug where sorting Occasion Reports wasn't working.