New Version 17.3.13 available for download

This version is CMS Cloud compatible
If you aren't using it yet, what are you waiting for?! Get started today at no cost and no risk.

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Did you get your Seder Reservation form setup yet? How about ordering Matzah?
If you would like to save yourself the hassle of manually having to enter the data into your CMS you should be using CMS Connected forms. Check out these examples:
Matzah Order Form
Seder Reservation Form

Please refer to 
this KB Article for general information on setting up your Reservation Form.
If you need help in setting these up, please let us know.

New Features
  • Reservation Forms - Promo Code Option
    You can now add a Promo Code field to your forms. When making the reservation, a Promo Code can be entered and the discount will automatically be applied to their reservation.
    Discounts can be set up as fixed amount (per guest or for the guest type) or a percentage.
    See this KB Article for details.

  • Reservation Forms - Use Wizard Option
    You now have the option to not use the Wizard (separate pages with Next and Previous buttons) or not to use the Wizard. 
    By default, your existing forms will continue using the Wizard as before. To remove the Wizard from your forms, simply uncheck the Use Wizard check box on the Settings tab (General Options section).
    If doing so, be sure to adjust the iframe height accordingly on your website (in the Embed Code) so that you don't have to scroll down to see the bottom of the form.
    See this KB Article for details.
IMPORTANT: If you are using the CMS Connected Reservation Forms, this update is required. Any submission made to your forms going forward will need CMS version 17.3.13 or later in order to work.