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  1. The Transfer Info tool has been updated to allow for transferring individual selected payments.
    When using this feature, the selected payments and the bills they are applied to ("applied bills") will be transferred. If the "applied bills" have other payments applied to them ("related payments"), they too will be transferred.
    However, if the "related payments" are split and applied to other bills ("related applied bills"), the selected payment will not be transferred. In this case, a message will come up and notify you that some or all of the payments selected will not be transferred.

    The Transfer Info tool allows you to Transfer Transactions from one Contact to another contact. See this KB article for details on using this tool.

  2. Bug Fix: Programs not showing up when adding a new Contact. This bug only affected newly created programs. When adding a new record to the database you can select up to 20 programs to assign that new person to. In some cases, a program was not showing up. This has now been corrected.

  3. Bug Fix: Default Receipt template was not working for Batch Receipts. This has now been corrected. This affected only those using Word for Receipts (not Letters) using a custom defined Receipt Template. This setting is located under Program Setup > Options > Letters/Receipts tab.

  4. Improvement: Camp Module gets a face lift. All the screens in the user-interface for the camp module have been updated with the new look and feel as the rest of the CMS Program.

  5. Online Form Submissions: Credit Card City and State are now being submitted to automatically, if the Address Verification (Address/Zip) is the same as the Contact's Address and Zip. If they don't match, the Billing City and State continue to be blank as before.

  6. Recurring Charges: Optional fields of the scheduled bill are now automatically carried over to the payment when card is charged. Fields included in this improvement are His/Her, Honor/Memory, Solicitor and Mailing.

  7. Security + Module: Fixed issue where a malicious user can circumvent the security in allowing himself access to restricted contacts. For security reasons, we are not specifying the flaw's details. 
    The "Security +" module allows an administrator to restrict certain contacts and/or Transactions to specific users based on detailed permissions.