Windows Update causes Database Issue in CMS

Over the last few months we have been having reports, with increasing frequency, of database corruption issues.
3343: Unrecognized database format
While in the past this was a typical of a network outage or interruption, quite common when using a WiFi Network (not supported), the recent reports have been happening with wired networks and even at gigabit speeds.
At this point, it has come to light that the culprit of the issue is a Windows Update (version 1803 from 1709). Microsoft has not been forthcoming on this to say the least. This blog puts it all together.
The latest information is that the most recent update from Microsoft Update has corrected the issue, however, this is not verified and a temporary work-around is available as well.
If you are experiencing this issue, where your CMS database is becoming corrupted randomly, our recommendation at this time is to (-- after repairing the CMS data file--)  make sure you have the most recent Windows Updates from Microsoft. If you're running Windows 10, the most recent update as of 8/20/2018 is version 1803 (build: 17134.228). You can see your exact version and build by typing WinVer in the Windows search box and pressing Enter. 
If you are using the latest update and are still having this issue, the work-around posted in this article have been known to work.
Please make sure to do this on all Windows 10 computers that are using CMS as well as on the server (or the computer that has the CMS data file on it).
If you experienced this issue and need help to get this resolved, including repairing your data file, please don't hesitate contact CMS Tech Support for assistance.