ChabadOne Communicator Integration Workaround

UPDATE: 11/30/2018 10am PST
Unfortunately, we are still getting reports from some users that this is an ongoing issue...
If you are experiencing these errors, please let us know and use the workaround detailed below.
UPDATE: 11/30/2018 8am PST
We received notice that ChabadOne found and fixed the issue on their servers.
If you are still experiencing this issue (below), please let us know.

ORIGINAL POST: 11/29/2018 8:30pm PST
It has come to our attention that there is an issue with the Communicator Integration feature.
This happens in the middle of uploading the email addresses. Sometimes the progress will show 25, 50, 75 or even several hundred, but at some point, this error may occur. The cause of the issue is being investigated and we are working hard to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible.
The puzzling factor here is that nothing has changed in the CMS application that would cause this. Initial review indicates that something in the process outside of CMS is causing a disconnect or interruption in the communication from ChabadOne.
Until this is issue is resolved, please use the Export/Import Workaround detailed below to get your email list into your Communicator account.
  • Click Reports > Contacts
  • Choose "Export" as the Output options
  • Choose "Text (*csv)" as the Export Format.
  • Under Options:
    • Check the "Force New Row for each Phone/Fax/Email" check box
    • Choose "Individual Family Members" as the Report Type
    • Check the "Limit to Primary" and "Include Primary" check boxes
  • On the Columns tab:
    • Under "Fields to Include" check the Email check box.
    • Under Filter, choose "Only show contacts WITH info in the selected fields" option (the second option)
    • Under Other Phone / Email options:
      • Uncheck Show Extensions
      • Uncheck Show 'NC' Letters
      • Check "Exclude NC" 
  • On the Export Fields tab, under "Individual Family Member Fields" check the Title, First Name, and Last Name check boxes.
  • Optionally: choose any other criteria such as Associations / Programs etc.
  • Click OK and create the CSV file.
The file will automatically open in Excel. Once in Excel, delete all columns except for the PhoneNumber, Title, FirstName and LastName
Rename the PhoneNumber column to Email.
Close and save the Excel file.
In your ChabadOne Communicator account, use the Import function to import your CSV file.
For detailed instructions on importing, please see this Help Article on ChabadOne.