Online Forms - reCAPTCHA

Important change you must do right away to keep your forms working properly. Increase the height of the iframe by 100.
We will be adding a Captcha to all CMS Connected forms. Donation and Reservations. This is for your protection in order to prevent fraudulent use of your forms by hackers testing stolen credit cards.
The type of Captcha we have implemented is the least intrusive one. In fact, a donor will not have to enter any funny letters, describe pictures, and not even have to click "I am not a robot." Rather, this is Google's latest and works silently in the background. The only difference is that there will be a captcha icon at the bottom of your form. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. PLEASE READ ON.
Here is a screenshot on how this looks.
See how the captcha symbol in the above screenshot is below the form? Good! However, in order for this to work, you must increase the height of your iframe to account for this extra space. If you don't increase it, the captcha icon might cover the Submit button. Like this screenshot. 
This is especially an issue for mobile view where the content tends to take up more vertical space.
OK. So how how to you increase the height of the iframe. The following steps assumes you're using ChabadOne but the same applies to whichever website you're using.
  1. Login to your ChabadOne.
  2. Click on Sites > Publishing and Locate your Donate form. (you'll see Iframe Iframe all over. this is expected)
  3. Switch to HTML view. (this is right below the form box)
  4. Find the section that has your iframe tag and increase the height by at least 100. (So if your iframe had a height of 1600, change it to 1700 or more).
  5. Switch back to Design view and click Save.
  6. Preview your form in a full screen and on mobile device to ensure that it looks ok. Adjust height as needed.
(As part of this upgrade, we will be removing the Pre-submit confirmation option. Even if you have this checked in your form setup, it will not work.)