Donor Covers Processing Fee

Give your donors the option of covering the processing fee.

Your CMS donation form has the option to include a Donor Covers Fee check box which gives the donor the option of covering your transaction fee. You can choose whether this option is on your form, and what the fee percent is.
You can also add a custom message for the check box.
To enable this option on your form, Check the "Donor Covers Processing Fee option" check box and enter the fee rate.
You can also enter a custom message for the check box such as "I'd like to cover the processing fee so that more of my donation will go directly to help Chabad."
The default message is "I'd like to go one step further and help by covering the transaction fees." This message is used if you leave the Message field blank.
Because enabling this option on your form adds more fields to your form, you might need to increase the height of the iframe. This would be done on your website where you pasted the embed code. Please be sure to preview the form both on a full screen and on mobile device to see if the height needs to be increased.
Some studies show that around 60% of the time, donors will choose to cover the processing fees if given the option. Your supporters, as the data implies, are interested enough in what you're doing that a large percentage of them are willing to go this extra step. And that helps you raise more money at the end of the day.
You might think it's petty: "if I've already convinced someone to donate, why would I also want to push them into covering a fee?" But perhaps you should think of it differently: "If this person has already invested in my cause, why wouldn't they want to go the extra step and cover the fee?"
If a donor is feeling good about giving, they won't feel like they're being pushed into doing something they don't want to do, but rather it's giving them an easy way to give just a bit more and go further. 
Remember, this is an option on your form. If a donor doesn't click it, the additional fee isn't charged.
Because this feature is geared to donations being made, we have not added it to the Reservation type form at this time. If there is a need to have it there, please let us know.