New Version 21.7.21 Available for download

Important: If you installed and are running version 21.5.2, this is a required update. You must uninstall the version you have.
If you need help in upgrading, please reach out to tech support.
To update to this latest version login to and click Downloads...
If you're looking to upgrade to CMS Cloud and have access to your data on any computer or device?
Please email for assistance.
This update restores functionality in Google Contacts Integration.
Important: if you are currently using this feature, the sync will be reset, meaning: your contacts will no longer be linked to Google and you will need to reauthorize the connection.
Please see this KB Article on details in setting this up. The reason for this rest is technical by nature* and has to with a change in the Google API.
This update also includes the default and sort option for Payment Methods.
Program Setup > Custom List Setup > Payment Methods.

*Google has deprecated their Contacts API, which CMS was using, as of June 15, 2021. While the integration apparently continued to work, some have gotten pop up messages with warnings and it is only a matter of time for it to hit the wall. So we went from "Contacts API" to "People API". People have different internal IDs than Contacts. Converting the IDs from the two APIs (though possible) is unreliable and not supported by Google. Hence the need for the reset.
In the process, we changed a few things with the integration. Most notably. we removed the ability for bi-directional sync. Many have been turning this feature off due to having data in CMS corrupted when Google gets updated in a non-conventional way.
We also moved away from CMS Connected for authorization. Authorizing takes place directly from within CMS. Token renewals happen automatically and behind the scenes. No more Expired Token errors. This KB Article elaborates some more.