New CMS Version 21.8.5

Important: If you installed and are running version 21.5.2, this is a required update. You must uninstall the version you have.
To update to this latest version login to and click Downloads...
Note: If you're looking to upgrade to CMS Cloud and have access to your data on any computer or device, please email for assistance.
This update completes the transition of functionality from "CMS Connected" to the main CMS program.
CMS Connected is no longer needed and won't be running on your machine.
Google Contacts Integration
  • Changes to CMS data get updated instantly to Google Contacts.
  • Google Tokens are automatically renewed. 
  • Networking multiple computers: All manage the renewal of the tokens.
  • Click here for setup instructions.
CMS Cloud Basic Integration
  • Changes made in CMS Classic get updated to CMS Cloud instantly.
  • Changes made to CMS Cloud will get updated to CMS Classic every 5 minutes. (If using Google Contacts Integration, the updates get pushed to Google as well.)
  • Networking multiple computers: All check for CMS Cloud updates.
  • You can manually check for CMS Cloud updates by clicking Program Setup > CMS Cloud Setup > Connect tab, and click Get Cloud Updates.​
  • If you would like to add CMS Cloud Basic to your account, or to upgrade to the Full CMS Cloud, please reach out to tech support for assistance.
CMS Program Updates
  • Each time CMS starts, it checks to see if there are any updates and prompts you to install them.
  • You can also check for updates manually by clicking Knowledge Base > Check for Updates.
  • As before, you can also login to the Support Website and check for updates there.
Online Submissions notifications
  • We have discontinued this feature.
    While it was neat to have a Windows notification when a new submission was made, it was deemed to be unnecessary. Instead, please rely on the notification email you get.
  • Also you can download submissions by clicking Tasks > Online Submissions.
  • You can also see and export your submissions online by logging in to the Support Website and clicking Submissions.
Bug Fixes in this release
  • Fixed Payment Methods Order.
    When setting a Credit Card method as #1 (default), an error will no longer come up when entering a new Payment.
  • Fixed Apply Payment Issue:
    In a case where a payment was automatically applied to a bill with a credit card (from forms or recurring charges), the system would allow a user to apply the payment to a different bill without un-applying it from the first bill. This has been corrected in this release.