Sending Text Messages - Terms and Conditions Update

Many are using our integrated text messaging to promote your events, classes and campaigns.
Our provider reached out to us that we must follow these basic guidelines when sending out texts.
Practically, this means that you should start every message you send with identifying yourself so that the recipient knows who this is, and that you provide an opt-out option.
Example message that complies with these requirements.:
Hi this is Rabbi x
We are quadrupling donations in the next 24 hours to help our community. Please donate here 
Reply STOP to unsubscribe. Standard message rates may apply.
Opt-in / Opt-out and transparency.
  • Opt-in: Don't send unsolicited texts.
    You must get express consent for each number you want to send texts to.
  • Opt-out: Provide an Opt-out method.
    Do this by including "to opt-out of future texts, please reply with STOP" at the end of every message you send. If a user replies with STOP, you must not use this service to continue sending that number any messages.
  • Transparency: Identify yourself and/or your mosed in each message you send. 
    Do this by starting your message with "Hi this is rabbi x from chabad of x" for example.
Please ensure that you follow these important guidelines. 
Failure to follow these rules may result in suspension of your account.
Our terms and conditions were updated accordingly.
Due to industry wide changes and increased costs in sending SMS, we adjusted the cost to .02 per segment.
Please see details on pricing here. This rate goes into effect as of 12/15/2021.