New CMS version 22.7.13 released to address Microsoft Update

Version 22.7.13 released July 13, 2022
If you are getting a "Type Library" error when starting CMS, you need to upgrade CMS to this latest version which corrects this issue.
The expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Requested type library or wizard is not a VBA project.
Microsoft released Windows and Office updates today (Patch Tuesday), that somehow affected the system from being able to access it's library code files (DLLs). 
As reports came in from users, our developers quickly diagnosed the issue and posted a fix.
This new version also includes various  tweaks and enhancements.
It's best that users install this CMS update before installing the updates from Microsoft. To update, click Knowledge Base > Check for Updates. Modern versions of CMS will also check for updates automatically upon start. 

If the Microsoft Update was already installed on your computer and you can't start CMS at all, you can install this CMS Update by logging into and then click Downloads.