9.9.23 Bug Fix | Labels via Word - Invalid Merge Field: Address

When generating mailing labels via a Word Merge, Word displays an Invalid Merge Field window for Address.

This has been corrected in version 9.9.23

Two new sample Word Templates are included in this version, Labels 5160 and Labels 5164 (30 per page or 6 per page, respectively). These new sample templates demonstrate how the fields need to be inserted in order for the merge to work. The difference is that the fields are plain text (<Address>, for example) as apposed to real merge fields («Address»). If you have modified these templates and saved them elsewhere on your computer (Documents\CMS\Templates, for example), you must update the templates in order for the merges to work properly.

Wordaround for older versions: When Word prompts you with the Invalid Merge Field error message for the Address, replace it with the "Addr". You will need to do this for each label. So if your labels are 30 per page, it would be 30 times.