9.9.25 Improvement | Cancel Program Exit / Backup Prompt

When clicking the 'Exit CMS' button or 'File > Exit CMS', you are now prompted to confirm if you want to exit CMS.
This will prevent the accidental exiting of the program and the need have to restart.

The X button at the top right of main CMS window is disabled. To exit the program, use the 'Exit CMS' button on the Tool bar or click File > Exit CMS.

Pressing ALT+F4 will bypass the Confirm Exit Prompt and the ability to cancel exiting.

If you have the option set to 'Automatically Backup on Close' (Tools > Options > File Locations), the program will only prompt to confirm backup if a backup was already done that day. Otherwise, on the first backup of the day, you will only get a confirmation after the backup has completed.

This improvement has been implemented in version 9.9.25