Embed Code - ChabadOne

After setting up your form using the form designer in CMS, you need to get the form onto your ChabadOne website. Here are the steps in doing that.
  1. In the CMS Form Designer, click the Embed tab and copy the HTML embed code.

  2. In your ChabadOne site control, create a new Form (or open an existing form that you want to modify).

  3. Switch to HTML view.

  4. Remove any existing HTML that is already on your form and paste the Embed Code you copied.

  5. In your ChabadChange the width property of the iframe to be 100%. This change is made will sure that your form scales nicely on mobile devices.

    The height in the above image can be modified as needed. After previewing your form, if a scroll bar appears on the right side, be sure to increase the height as needed.

  6. Switch back to Design view and click Save.
    (ChabadOne does not allow saving while in HTML view).

    Note, when in design view, ChabadOne will not show you the preview of the Embed Code you pasted in, rather, you'll be seeing the words "IFrame, IFrame". It will show up fine on your website.
    (ChabadOne intentionally does not show contents of an Iframe in Design).

  7. Click the Form Settings tab and make sure that the form is secure and that you are not including a submit button.
  8. Save the form.
Once the embed code is on your website, any changes you make to the form design will automatically update. The only change that you may need to make to the Embed code on your site is the Height of the iframe (see above image) if you add or remove fields for example.