Getting Started

Prerequisites and Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 8, 10 or 11.
    All Versions of Windows can be either 32 or 64 bit
  • M Microsoft Access 2016 or later.

    If you have the full version of Office (aka Office Pro) which includes Access, or Microsoft 365 which includes Access, that is fine.

    If you have a version of Office that does not include Access, you can install Access Runtime.
  • Access (Office) must be 32 bit (64 bit is not supported) This applies even if the Operating System is 64 bit.

    Earlier versions of Access are not supported. If you have an earlier version of Access, it must be removed prior to installing the correct version.
    See Removing Microsoft Access to remove an older version of Microsoft Access
  • Windows Updates: Type "Windows Update" or "Check for Updates" (in your Windows Search) to open Windows Update and install all service packs and updates from Microsoft for both Windows and Office ("Other Microsoft Products").
  • Networking multiple computers: See Network Setup Instructions for detailed network setup instructions and requirements.

Installation Instructions

Download and install the latest update to CMS from the Downloads page. (you must be logged in to the support website in order to download).
Starting Chabad Management System
  • Double-click the Chabad Management System shortcut on your desktop to start CMS.
  • When prompted for the CMS Data File, choose it from the “My Documents\CMS\Data” folder (or from the mapped drive, in a multi-user environment).
  • When prompted to activate, choose Yes. Select the License and click Activate.
Common Errors
After installing CMS, if you are getting any of these errors, please follow the solutions below.
Additional Support
If you need CMS Tech Support to do the setup for you, please let us know.  CMS support staff will log in to your computers and attempt to do all the above. Setup fee: $75.