Saved List

If you want to limit to people who either gave you x amount of dollars OR live in zip code x, bringing up people who fit EITHER criteria, this would require you to either use a 'saved list' or the 'manage programs' tool.

Saved List:
The concept here is that you append contacts to this 'saved list' based on criteria again and again. So the first step would be to choose your first criteria - say donated x dollars in this year. Now, instead of printing labels with these people or viewing a list, you would choose the 'output' to be 'export' and the 'type' should be 'saved list'.

NOTE: The first time this step is done you should check the 'clear the saved list' check box to ensure that there are no contacts saved in the 'saved list' from a prior such report.You should get a message stating that you are about to append x number of contacts to the 'saved list'.

Now you are ready to add more people to this list.
Choose another criteria (you might want to make sure you remove your first criteria - an easy way would be to hit the 'reset' button on the bottom left), and repeat the output to saved list (don't clear the list this time, as this will remove your first batch of contacts from the list).

You can do this over and over, adding more and more contacts, based on various criteria.

Finally you clear all criteria, and choose your ONLY criteria which is 'saved list' - this is done by checking the 'use saved list' check box on the 'Report' tab. Choose your output/report type and done - your report is based on your saved list.

An alternative method would be to use the Manage Programs tool.
Manage Programs:
Please see the following KB article: 
  • Manage Programs
    Here is where you can manage your programs by resetting programs and updating programs based on various options.