Event Report

This article outlines how to generate a report of your event's attendees.
For how to manage and enter this information, please see Events and Events Tab.

Click on Reports >Transaction
  • On the 'Report' tab
    • change the 'Report Type' to 'Bill Details'
    • change the 'Total by' to 'Price Detail' (or if doing multiple events then 'Total by' should be 'Subcategory' and 'Subtotal by' should be 'Price Detail')
  • On the 'Categories' tab
    • select the category(s) or subcategory(s) of the event(s)
  • on the 'Columns' tab
    • check the 'Qty(Price/Dis)' check box
    • check the Description check box
    • Uncheck the 'Category/Subcategory' check box.

If you'd like to save this report for future use, click the 'Save' button on the bottom/middle of the window. This will allow you to quickly load (by clicking the 'load' button) this report in the future.