Office 2010 SP1 Issues

Office 2010 SP1 is an important update that Microsoft released that fixes bugs and adds improvements to MS Office in general.
However, SP1 also introduces at least one bug that affects older versions of CMS. If you installed SP1 without installing the very latest version of CMS, you may notice that the following features in CMS are not working:

Send Invoice
On the Transaction tab, when viewing Bills and clicking the Invoice button, all the invoices will come up for your entire database, even paid ones!

Send Envelope
When clicking the Envelope button, all the Envelopes for your entire database will be generated!
Contact Details
Clicking Contact Details to get a report of the Current Contact will generate a report for all contacts!

The common theme all these have, is that a report is not being restricted to the intended criteria.
See Access 2010 SP1 Bug for technical details on this by Microsoft Answers website.

CMS released several updates that worked around these latest glitches. You should update to the latest version of CMS (which ironically requires SP1 for other reasons) that fixes these issues.