Satori Software Integration - Ending Soon

UPDATE 5/1/2015
We have completed integration with TEC Mailing. Please see this KB article for details.

We regret to inform you that the integration that CMS had in place with Satori since 2008 is coming to an end.
The is due to an executive decision within the Satori corporation.

Below is a draft of a letter (may not be the final revision) that existing Satori customers who used the integration will be receiving.

If you renew your subscription prior to April 2, 2015, Satori will continue to provide the service until the end of your subscription (one year). Please confirm this directly with them when you renew. You should do this if you plan on using the Satori integration for your Pesach mailing or other mailings later in the year. 

We are presently looking into alternative methods of NCOA processing and will continue working hard to provide you with the best and most affordable integrated solutions.

February 2015

Re: Important Notice Regarding Move Update Service

Dear Valued Customer:

This letter is to inform you that the Satori Software plugin to Chabad Management Systems for Move Update service is being retired. You will no longer be able to renew this service after April 2, 2015. If you are currently in the middle of a subscription you will be able to continue using the software until your current expiration date. We thank you for being a customer. Other functions of your Chabad Management Systems software will continue to operate after this service retires.

If you still require Move Update service, you can contact Satori Software directly for alternate processing options and pricing. Satori sales can be reached at 800-553-6477 or, please identify yourself as a Chabad Management System customer for the best available pricing.

Thank you for your business, it's been a pleasure serving you.

Nelson Baldwin
Channel Manager
Satori Software

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